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Choosing the right vacation spot is a very important decision. Choosing the right tour guide is an even bigger decision. So do not leave your vacation to chance, choose sister tours. ( Sister tours is founded by the sisters---Judy and Rita.)  They can give you a fantastic journey and an unforgettable experience in china.

     Sister tours is a legal travel agency and just open its website on tripadvisor in 2017.Although this is not an very old agency, the guide used to work for the china travel agency head office for over 7years.They are both experienced and received high reputation during their working time. Next please take a look of their self-introduction.  

     Hello dear friends! We are sisters, Judy and Rita.. We are licensed English Tour Guide in Beijing. We both graduated from Beijing international studies university and received the university bachelor degree. We used be a full-time English Guide for over 7years .Used to translated for some embassy and be the volunteers of some Chinese international conference like APEC. We love our job so much . Since becoming a tour guide, We have made so many new friends all over the world , learned and experienced new places and things. We benefit a lot from our job. We never imagined that we would find a job that both love so much and we are sure will keep doing this for the rest of our life.

      We are responsible, enthusiasm, open-minded and patient .When traveling to Beijing , it is our hope that we can not be your private guide rather than your Chinese friends. And we can not only take you to many famous tourist attractions, such as the  Tiananmen square, the forbidden city ,the summer palace , the Great wall, the temple of heaven the Olympic green, but also to the places where local people work, live and eat. You will absolutely enjoy the city not only these heritage by UNESCO but also the social life of the people. If you are interested in Chinese culture performance art such as Chinese Acrobatics, Kong-Fu show or the Beijing opera ,  we can all help you to make reservations and take you  to there  , you will feel like home and enjoy your best in Beijing. Whether business or pleasure, sisters years of experience means your travel experience will be fulfilled and memorable .Traveling does not need to be stressful, let us handle all of the details. you can count on us for great value and dependable service .Choose us , with your smart decision ,your trip will be very overpriced . 

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