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Lugu Lake - Winter Love Song

The angles from which people usually view the world can be mainly divided into three types: up view, head up view, and down view.

Head-up view is the most normal and comfortable sight, originating from a calm and ordinary heart, containing maturity and confidence, not being humble or arrogant, not anxious or irritable, which is conducive to steady progress and less prone to falling and accidents. Looking up is the angle of view used to see people and objects taller than us, which is also known as the 'high mountain view'. Regularly looking up, in terms of benefits, allows us to know that there is a sky beyond the sky, there are people outside of us, there are role models, there are benchmarks, and we will not be like frogs in the well, arrogant; From the perspective of side effects, looking up for a long time not only causes neck pain, but also often makes us feel inferior and feel insignificant, inferior to others in everything, and always in a state of oppression.

Looking down, the term 'looking at the small mountains at a glance' is used to refer to the perspective of people and things lower than ours. Some people have less achievements, fame, and social status than us, so when we turn our eyes to them, there is inevitably contempt, snobbery, and pity in our eyes. Most of the time, we often overlook them and turn a blind eye to them, because our envious gaze has been fixed on those successful individuals who are higher than us, busy comparing ourselves with those wealthy and famous individuals, making our eyes red and hearts ache, and we are exhausted.

From the perspective of natural laws, generally speaking, young people like to look up and "take the cloud of youth's thoughts". In their eyes, there are few people who can be looked up to, only those famous and influential figures will enter their vision. When Liu Bang saw Emperor Qin Shi Huang, he dared to say, "That's what a great husband should be." Xiang Yu was even better than him and said, "That can take his place." When people reach middle age, their mentality becomes calm, their sharpness narrows, and they know that the world is not easy anymore. They will gradually set their sights flat, walk calmly on the road, and run towards their goals in an orderly manner. After entering his old state, he has experienced numerous hardships and has read countless people. He is no longer infatuated with success and extravagance, and coupled with his hunched back, bent back, and blurred eyes, he naturally becomes accustomed to looking down.

Of course, it varies from person to person, and some people spend their entire lives looking up to and aiming for higher goals. He may live a very flashy and glamorous life, but he must also live a very tired and hasty life, only focusing on attacking cities and villages one by one, but not having time to browse the scenery and enjoy life. In fact, he has also been wronged in this life. So, when we look up very tired, we might as well look down and take a look at those people living at the bottom of society. Although they are the same as us, they have lower education, lower income, smaller houses, less dignified jobs, and lower social status than us. They are always unknown. In front of them, we often have a sense of superiority, which we often overlook, Rarely glanced at them.

In fact, their survival wisdom and social value are not lower than ours, their contribution and labor are not less than ours, and we have no reason to be proud of ourselves. Moreover, frequent contact with them can lead to unexpected gains. If a white-collar worker is exhausted from working hard in the workplace, or in the midst of fierce market competition, and takes a break to look down at the cobblers and car repairmen on the street, the little salesmen and scavengers walking around the streets, you will feel that even if you take ten or a hundred steps back, your living standards will still be higher than theirs. Why bother to compete for those external things?

By extension, when an official is distressed by the lack of a higher level of success in their official career, it is advisable to look down at the lives of their subordinates, sit at their homes, and listen to their difficulties and expectations; A boss who has made money but is still anxious about making more money can also condescend to sit at the home of his employees and see what they are thinking, why bother and enjoy it; A general who is racking his brains to formulate a battle plan may as well take a break from his busy schedule and wander around the soldiers' tents, listening to their thoughts and suggestions. He will definitely make this trip worthwhile. Looking down often may change our mindset, soothe our restless souls, cool down our fanatical desires, and turn us into a psychologically normal person, rather than a money making machine, a workaholic, or a drunkard.

Looking down often, it's both rest and relaxation, charging and stress relieving, which is actually a wise move.

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